7d ago

For ppl with pocd who worked with kids before you had pocd? I just noticed a lot of ppl with it seem to have worked with kids so I just thought I’d ask

7d ago
I was an intern in a 6th grade class before my pocd started. And now I think back all the time and panic and wonder if I did anything inappropriate or thought of anything inappropriate, and I can’t remember ever doing either but it still panics me and makes me question my memory. You’re not alone.
7d ago
Yes, I was a tutor for a few years. Working there helped my recovery because I had no choice but to interact with children. And then I realized they’re all individuals and, as Eric Northman said in True Blood “teacup humans” 🤣
7d ago
Yes I’ve worked with kids since I was 12. I now nanny and have since I’ve been diagnosed
Anon Y. Mous
6d ago
I was a tutor for over 10 years, also taught Sunday school, was a substitute teacher and worked in an after school program. (I didn’t know POCD was a thing until about six years ago. Prior to that, I thought that my thoughts were my possibly being a pedophile.) I had many triggering experiences. God got me through it all somehow. I thought my work with kids was a calling…yet why would God call someone like me to be around children? I don’t get it.