12d ago
  • Real Events OCD

i keep wondering if im a narcissist cuz i do feel bad about the people i harmed with my words and actions and I am trying to change how I act towards others(I have control issues). but a lot of the anxiety comes from what people will think of me when i tell them what i did. sometimes i think is my extreme social anxiety due to me always thinking about myself, how people perceive me, what they think of me. does this mean i am still the same bully i was before or does this make me a bad person. my dad told me to raise my voice when speaking to others but I can't even do that because i feel so scared. i feel like a coward who will never change their ways

12d ago
Don’t tel people what you did- this is confessing and it’s a compulsion and they probably don’t care or want to hear it anyway. Just because you hurt people doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist. We literally all hurt people. You sound like a normal human being.