11d ago

I need motivation to start ERP. Just leave some great benefits of ERP and why I should do it :)

10d ago
At first everything seems to collapse in on you, for me the thoughts became louder more aggressive. With time however it gets easier. The thoughts don't go away, they become quieter and have less of an effect on you. Think of your life where you are in control, where you can laugh at the thoughts. It is alot of work, alot of back and forth. To stay motivated I think of my life where it's at and where I want it to be. It's ok to fail, that's how we learn. The important thing to remember here is Life, I want to live my life where I can genuinely smile and laugh. I will get there, and so can you, take one day at a time and keep pushing forward, Life is meant to be lived, dont let your mind take that from you.
10d ago
I feel like I’m a lot braver after doing ERP
7d ago
Hi PolarisJoy, ERP has given me not only time back in my day, but control over what I choose to do with my day, instead of my OCD ruling my thoughts and actions in order to avoid more anxiety. ERP has given me that freedom which I never really had before. ERP helps you to more easily not focus on the intrusive thoughts and not give in to the doubt that feeds your OCD. It has also helped me to help others who suffer by being able to recognize their compulsions and try to suggest some simple ERP exercises to help if they feel comfortable doing so. No matter what the OCD sub-type ERP applies to all, so once you start doing some for one type, you start understating what can apply to your other sub types. Your OCD will fight back at the start of any ERP, but it gets less the more you progress, and eventually you will be able to make the intrusive thoughts almost be background noise and not rule your life anymore. Good luck in your recovery and best wishes.