8d ago
  • Sexual Orientation OCD

I hate that every thought I get with a boy it gets replaced by a girl then it felt like if it was with a girl it wouldn't be that bad. It's annoying me It makes me uncomfortable thinking of this with girls. Like I can't even find girl's pretty without asking does that mean I like them?? Or I find girl's more pretty than boys and I don't know why maybe cause I wanna look like the girls I see not be with them I can't even find guys attractive because it feels like I'm lying. I hate this I just wanna be straight. Now I'm thinking what if I am bi or Les and I'm just denying it?! I don't want to lol it's been 1 week and some days since these thoughts came it's frustrating.

8d ago
hey babe! your local godmother gay is here. sexuality is crazy frustrating but weirdly simple. you like what you like! the first step is accepting that without forcing yourself to find a label that fits you perfectly. there's nothing wrong w being queer and it's ok to be questioning! it's all a journey. <3