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  • Sexual Orientation OCD
  • "Pure" OCD

TW Hocd I actually dont know if I have hocd or not. Feels like It is denial. Reasons being I dont think I have any compulsions or ever did as other sufferers not sure though. Have not obsessed as much in the last week, I feel gay all the time and not feel straight. Weak attraction to women. I just feel very confused, depressed and anxious all the time, it maybe due to my sexuality changing or me realizing my true self or whatever It may be. Regardless, I have contacted a bunch of therapists bc I want to get out of this mess and feel normal again. Whatever my sexuality may be( most likely gay unfortunately) I need to feel better again and focus on other things, Im so exhausted feeling like crap every day for over a year and a half. I just hope I can feel somewhat straight and myself again after this is said and done.

36d ago
We can talk I may can help to identify what’s going on
35d ago
I can relate so much to the first paragraph, i feel depressed anxious as well and I'm starting to think the same thing ugh :(