34d ago
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HEATH OCD... Does anyone have tips for OCD that tells you your dyiny. I've been worry about my heart rate and my weight lately. I think everyday is my last day. Yet I keep waking up to this sad reality. Would be appreciated for any advice that can be given. God bless and hope y'all stay safe 🤟 -Liam

34d ago
Unfortunately when you think about things like heart rate, it affects your heart rate and makes a “loop”. You get worried about it, engage with it and the cycle continues. Maybe try doing ONE small normal activity and noticing in your head… “hey, I’m doing this activity even though my heart rate is high/low etc. Look at me go!”
34d ago
I Have health ocd too. The first thing is get checked out by your doctor. I've asked my therapist about this and she said if a symptom you have persists you should get it checked out. Now if you want to start persuing another doctor because you dont trust the doctor you see then that's when you stop yourself. You really cant do anything for yourself by worrying.