15d ago

I just realized something about myself that might help others. Part of my OCD is perfectionism, and I just realized that I’ve been being a perfectionist about my OCD recovery. I’ve been feeling like I need to completely get rid of my OCD in order to be a good person, deserve love, and have a normal life. But that’s not true! 1. It’s probably impossible to completely get rid of OCD. I’ll probably have some symptoms my whole life, and that’s ok. 2. Our OCD symptoms don’t make us bad. We’re just as deserving of love as anyone else. 3. “Normal” is relative. I envy other people who seem to not have any doubts or fears, but how do I know what’s really going on under the surface? What about focusing instead on the things I’d like to do in life? I’m feeling inspired to make a list of things I want to do and experience in life. I’ll do them whether or not OCD is there. That’s what recovery really means 💜

15d ago
Same. Most people couldn’t even tell I had ocd. I would treat ocd treatment like it had to be perfected. I would try all these different phrases and treat everything like exposures. It ended up being too tiresome to try to do everything so right. I realized I was trying to fight something that feeding off what I was doing. Now i treat it as irrelevant and move on with my day
15d ago
Well said!