7d ago

so for those of us who got OCD as a child and are recovering as adults do you feel like you're catching up on childhood stuff now? sleepovers, movies and TV shows, books and toys and games? friendship and puppy love? stuff you didn't fully get to experience but you are now? I feel like I'm moving backwards. I didn't get a childhood so I'm having one now at 23 now that I'm better. Is that accurate to you too?

Hi there! Thank you so much for reaching out on here! It doesn’t seem to me like you’re moving backwards—quite the opposite! Don’t compare your childhood experiences to others. What’s important is that you, now, are experiencing a more stress free life now that your OCD is more under control. I’m so excited for you to go out there in the world and doing all of the things you couldn’t enjoy before! Keep it up!