15d ago

Y’all got any advice for feelin depression with ocd?

15d ago
OCD doesn’t mean you are doomed. Many go on to live normal life’s after treatment
15d ago
My advice is to pay attention to what things may your depression feel better. For me it was adding in long outdoor walks every day (30-60 mins) while listening to a favorite podcast or music. It might be a hobby that still holds your interest. Or getting together with friends. Once you know what helps, I'd recommend you share with a close friend/family member to see how they can help. My partner pushes me to take my walk if I'm feeling low, and will arrange get-togethers with our friends since I don't always have the energy to coordinate.
God is in Control
14d ago
I guess I didn't know I was really depressed until today. Knew I had anxiety, but until my therapist told me I was depressed I was kinda hoping that was all I had. Since she told me depression and anxiety go together my non depression balloon burst. And putting that with OCD really took the cake. I believe you are going to get through this. I have had the anxiety for 3 years now, ready to get rid of it. I know it will be hard/the ERP/ but I will get through it. And however you handle your depression and OCD, you will get through it too. Remember God's got you and He is in Control.