16d ago
  • Real Events OCD

I never realize how much I have an obsession/compulsion until I hear what it’s called and have it described to me. Example: real event ocd. Things like that. It’s so hard to recognize these things on my own. Anyone else?

16d ago
I completely relate to this! Especially with real event OCD and existential OCD. I wasn’t aware that I was actually obsessing and doing compulsions relating to these OCD subtypes until they were explained to me. It is definitely hard to recognise sometimes xx
God is in Control
16d ago
I don't feel like I have any conpulsions or anything like that right now when it comes to my OCD. However, I do have anxiety(high anxiety) most of the day. I do have rituals that I like to keep, which sometimes are not kept. Like eating supper and cleaning up by 7 PM. And washing the dishes by hand even when we have a dishwasher. I suppose these are symptoms of OCD?