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POSITIVITY POST FOR PEOPLE WITH EARLY CHILDHOOD-ONSET OCD I know the common narrative in the OCD community is of people who wish they could go back to their life and identity from before their OCD, and I know you don't relate. If you were a small child when you 1st began experiencing symptoms and you don't have many or any memories from before- or if the time before you experienced OCD you were so young or it was so long ago that you didn't really HAVE an identity- I just want you to know you are valid. If you see posts telling you you are the same person as you were before, but you know your OCD formed you and changed you- you are valid. If your current identity wouldn't exist without the OCD- you are valid. If you are defined somewhat by your OCD, you are still an amazing person.. And you are not alone, and you shouldn't be excluded because you've had different experiences. You have gone through this the longest, and you deserve the same love, comraderie, respect, and treatment as everyone else. I hope you find the peace and clarity you deserve.

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This is beautiful ❤️ thank you
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Thank you for this! 💗💗💗
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thanks! also i really like your username "excalibre". really cool 🗡📖