10d ago
  • Harm OCD
  • "Pure" OCD

OCD is weird when you start to feel better it makes you question everything. Like when you try to act like yourself again it makes you feel weird and that your faking cause the way your acting is not yourself. When you do something you like like acts of kindness is makes you feel like sick because ocd makes you feel like this is not you because it makes us think for example that we are bad people because of our harm ocd so therefore acts of kindness don’t feel like our nature. Idk does anyone else feel like this?

9d ago
Yup, I’ve been feeling the exact same way lately. I was with my gf and closest friends last night. The whole time, my OCD was making me doubt whether or not I actually care about them
9d ago
Oh. My. God. I cannot tell you how hard I’ve tried explaining this but couldn’t. You’ve hit it perfectly. I was starting to feel better but I kept getting a “weird” feeling. Like it was a lie because I’ve had all these horrible thoughts before so feeling better must not be real or I’m hiding or holding myself back. Honestly, it’s worse than the anxiety because you cannot even describe it.