8d ago
  • Pedophilic Obsessions OCD

Im 22, i saw a video of a girl on social media who’s a few years younger than me and got unwanted intrusive thoughts and feelings about her being attractive. It felt so real, does this mean im a predator or a p********? Im so scared and feel so sick, i dont know what to do.

8d ago
No. Technically a p is attracted to prepubescent children, that’s usually defined as 13 and younger. Finding people past that age is considered not of pathological nature. It’s fairly natural. The reason -18 is usually illegal is because they’re mentally not devloped enough to consent with adults. The power dynamics are too unbalanced. Now finding someone attractive doesn’t even mean you want to have sex with them. It just means they have characteristics you find beautiful on some level. In the same way a grandpa can see his granddaughter as beautiful but not want to have sex with her. And even if you were further having true sexual desire, it doesn’t mean you’d have to act on it. Just like you probably haven’t tried to get with every of age girl you’ve felt attraction to. Thoughts do not equal actions. What causes people to do actions is a lot more complicated than that and the fact you’re distressed about this makes it very unlikely you’d act on it. Most people that are willing to act on sexual urges have no or very little anxiety about it, combined with the will to pursue it and usually end up making some kind of plan and wait for an opportunity. Doesn’t sound like that’s you at all.