33d ago
  • Sexual Orientation OCD

I don’t think I have ROCD but since SOOCD happened to me, I sometimes have moments of anxiety with questions like “what if I’m not attracted to him when he comes back” or “what if I don’t really love him” and “what if I’m just with him so I don’t hurt him” and etc… any advice or tips about any of this? I really hate this because everything before this theme was so different 😣

33d ago
I have ROCD because of my HOCD. Some times my ROCD is louder but it always links back to the fear of I fear that or think that than I am gay/lesbian. Like I have huge fears when I think about marrying my bf or saying I’m his wife it feels wrong like there is huuuge doubt there. It TERRIFIES me, I know I used to be so head over heals and knew I wanted to marry him in the beginning when my ocd subsided for a bit but it came back as strong as ever and that’s what made me seek therapy through nocd! I’m still working on recovery but my rocd and hocd will like the spit back and go off one another.
33d ago
I have a boyfriend and I am feeler with so much guilt and shame as well