10d ago
  • Transgender OCD
  • "Pure" OCD

I really feel like i like not having a gender and being non-binary all because of my new haircut and the fact that I don't like my hair being too tall especially that it's curly and length weights it down :( I really feel like I like being non-binary, like REALLY. I don't think this is OCD I don't even think I have OCD I just think I am slowly discovering myself and accepting it but am still in denial because I feel no anxiety

10d ago
That may be the case. Have you been doing ERP? It might also be the case that as you are becoming more habituated to your fears/intrusive thoughts they are less distressing to you, which makes you think that they are what you want. (That's nicknamed the "backdoor spike.") Also, doubting you have OCD is very common with OCD. No matter what, take a deep breath!