6d ago
  • "Pure" OCD

is it normal for obsessions to change? i haven't seen a therapist but sometimes i feel like my intrusive thoughts are dying down over another subject. now i don't think that's happening to my current obsession. it's still very prominent and a pain in my back but is it normal for obsessions to change with out ERP or seeing a therapist?

6d ago
Yeah ocd changes theme all the time but typically theres a main theme
6d ago
Yes obsessions change. The problem is not in the theme of your obsessions but in the doubt itself, you find a more strong doubt you obsess over it.
6d ago
Core process of OCD remains same, triggering factors may vary, different situations and scenarios
6d ago
Yes, unfortunately it is. But don't get too hung up on theme. OCD is OCD. It doesn't matter what "disguise" it chooses to wear. Its still OCD and ERP works for all themes.