18d ago
  • Relationship OCD

Was watching a film and it triggered a thought: what if my ex crush liked me at the same time my current bf did before we were going out, would I have chosen the ex crush who I liked before my current bf? It's such a horrible thought because I love my boyfriend so much and of course, now I would choose him every time. But my ocd is like you only chose him because your ex crush had a girlfriend but at the same time he wasn't a nice person either, and I was just getting to know my current bf, but my ocd is like you just settled with what you had, but that's not how I felt 8 years ago and it's not how I feel now, it's just what ocd is making me worried about. I can't stop thinking my ex crush's name when it's literally been years since I've thought of him. I've been with my bf 8 years and I can't stand this. It feels like betraying him, when I would choose not to have the thoughts if I could.