7d ago
  • Relationship OCD
  • Sexual Orientation OCD

I swear TikTok feeds feel like constant exposures for both my ROCD but especially my SOOCD. I used to anxiously scroll past any lgbt content to avoid anxiety and now I watch the videos at the request of my therapist. But now my entire feed is bi women aka my worst fear LOL I’m truly laughing out loud about how lame ocd is. However, I’m not as scared watching the videos! (Which can sometimes lead to back door spikes, but hey overall anxiety is reducing)

7d ago
Watch the videos! You got this :)
7d ago
This is amazing!! Congratulations on your journey
6d ago
Algorithms are a blessing and a curse 😬 so glad you’re able to watch without being as scared though! I’m just starting my ERP journey (I suffer with ROCD+SOOCD as well) so it’s comforting to know I’ll get here eventually. Congrats!!