16d ago
  • "Pure" OCD

I just want to scream and cry because this is absolute hell on earth. I’m afraid everyday it’s not OCD. And today I got triggered so I can’t even go on Reddit cuz I keep thinking about this post I saw. I hate this :(

16d ago
I hate this too 😭 I can't even look at Instagram or even watch ads that come up because my brain always picks out something small in every post or ad to make an intrusive thought about to ruin my life...I can't do anything I love anymore without my stupid messed up brain ruining everything
16d ago
I'm just trying to help by saying maybe not getting on those sites might help. I don't use any social media except texts. I found that always looking at my phone tends to make me anxiety worse. To tell you the truth, I don't miss it at all
16d ago
Same! I couldn’t go on tiktok or Instagram for awhile but I’ve read that avoiding your fears and forming your life around trying to avoid them at all costs makes it harder to move past them, your brain will pick up that whatever it is that triggers you is labeled “bad” and that will immediately send signals to your brain like a fight or flight signal and you will automatically respond with fear. We have to try and live our lives not accommodating to the ocd we can’t let it control our lives, we have more control than we think it’s all about how we respond to our triggers and what we see online, there will always be stuff that triggers our ocd and that’s a big thing is learning acceptance, when we see something triggering try and acknowledge it and sit with discomfort that it brings and go about what you were doing before you saw it, it cannot harm you or hurt you no matter what your brain is telling you:( it is so hard at first and it won’t always feel like an easy option might even feel impossible to do but it is possible! You got this <3